May 7, 2018


  1. Services

Wexford Disability Services (WDS) provides Personal Assistants (PA) to work with persons who have a physical and /or sensory disability in order that the person with a P&S disability may live at home independently and not in a residential institution.

WDS ensures that the P.A. chosen to work with the service-user is suitably qualified to do the work required and that the P.A. has been Garda-vetted and reference-checked.


  1. Access to Service


The ethos of Wexford Disability Services (WDS) is to provide Independent Living to persons with physical and/or sensory disabilities (service-users) through the provision of a Personal Assistant (PA) service.

Admissions to the services of WDS are solely based on the clinical assessment of the Disability Liaison Nurse based in the Local Health Office, HSE Disability Services. A specific care-plan will be devised for each individual service-user based on the clinical assessment of the Disability Liaison Nurse.

WDS does not discriminate on the grounds of gender or age. However, WDS is cognisant of HSE policy with regard to the over 65s and will take direction from the Local Health Office in this regard.

In line with National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare, the organisation observes and implements to the best of its ability Standard 1.1:

      • Service-user’s needs are assessed by the LHO.
      • Service manager designs and delivers service in line with the service-users expressed needs.
      • The service-user is involved in the planning and design of their own service.
      • Service is delivered at a time suitable to the service-user.
      • Service responds to the changing needs of the service-user.
      • Care is co-ordinated with the Disability Liaison Nurse.
      • Service-users are surveyed annually.
      • Services are evaluated by the Board of Directors.


  1. Discharge from Service

Discharge from the service will be at the discretion of the Disability Liaison Nurse and or of the service-users wish to move to another service provider.